Invaders: Corruption

Invaders: Corruption 1.0.8

Pixelated arcade arena shoot 'em up


  • Classic gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Procedural sprite generation


  • No easy mode!

Very good

Invaders: Corruption is an arena survival shoot 'em up with a twist. Enter your name, or any words, and the game will generate enemies and your space ship based on that keyword.

The game is controlled with mouse for aiming and keyboard for aiming. Survival is the aim in Invaders: Corruption, which you do by avoiding enemies and shooting them. Like Geometry Wars, there are lots of enemies and they will behave differently. Some will float around, others will home into you. There are power ups to help you and a limited number of bombs which clear the screen.

The gameplay of Invaders: Corruption isn't revolutionary, but it's well done. The blocky rainbow graphics are attractive and the sound is just right. The one touch and your dead aspect of Invaders: Corruption will either irritate you or give you that 'just one more go' feeling.

Arcade game loving high score chasers will love the fast paced action in Invaders: Corruption. It's a neat take on the arena shooter genre and great fun.

Invaders: Corruption


Invaders: Corruption 1.0.8

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